Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Our son Jonathan ( executive Chef) and partner Stephanie ( event planner & pastry Chef) have departed Black Star Farm in Suttons Bay. Bittersweet for both,Jonathan was there 10 years and Stephanie 6. Our granddaughter Esme was pretty much raised there.
Sad to say Corporate America has taken over the place and it no longer is the Farm to Table place it was for so many years. I suppose growth is good in some respects but sad in other ways.
It has been a year of changes for everyone.
I have promised myself to do better on this blog,something I've always loved but seem to have become too busy for lately.
Our one and only Grandchild will be 3 in June and she has kept us much busier than we ever anticipated. Need I say we love every minute with her.

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  1. Big Hugs to your beautiful granddaughter!
    I am so sorry for your son and his partner! I think there is too much growth going on! Things need to settle down for a bit! It's happening over here too!
    Blog when you can!


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