Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Winter Wonderland

This is our old barn after a very pretty snowfall. It didn't take long for the wind to remove all that fluff but it sure was pretty !


Vicki Boster said...

What a gorgeous wintery scene--

Ann said...

I'm on my way..we'll make snow angels!!
so beautiful!!

Magic Love Crow said...

So beautiful and dreamy! Truly a winter wonderland ;o) Merry Christmas ;o)

Gaby Bee said...

WOW, what a beautiful wintery scene!
Thanks for sharing!
Wishing you a warm and wonderful Christmas and an amazing new year to come.


Marilyn J. Rock said...

Such a beautiful winter scene! Thanks for sharing it.

Wishing you and yours a healthy, happy, Christmas and may the new year keep you well. xo

pchickki said...

It is gorgeous and of course I LOVE BARNS!
Thanks for sharing Amy

Willow said...

What a wonderful photo !

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas,dear Amy.
TFS the lovely photo.