Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Slow start this Holiday

Just 2 days before Thanksgiving and just a week after paying the last payment on my car-Bang !
While making a left hand turn another driver decided to pass me . The car was hit on the front drivers side.
It was pushed into the tire so I could not drive it!
Of course being a Holiday everything is taking twice as long. Maybe next Tuesday at the latest. I've found the wheels of progress can be slow.
The other driver had no damage,mine is almost $2000. but she got the ticket.
It was the first accident I've had in 47 years ! No one was hurt,happy for that but it sure is awful not having a car to get around. Using hubby's but miss mine.
Everyone be safe this Holiday season,people are in a rush and just not paying attention !


  1. what a beautiful little painting! So sorry about your car and especially since you had just made your last payment.

  2. sweet little bird, hopefull soothes your nerves! So sorry to hear about your accident but as you said, thankfully no injuries, what's most important.

  3. I am glad you are safe and that is the most important thing! I lost my Dad five years ago while he was making a left hand turn and due to a speeding driver. Slow start is OK and things will get done and what does not, won't matter! The painting is beautiful and peaceful! Take care and enjoy the season and hopefully you will have your car back really soon! Hugs!

  4. We were sideswiped two years ago and the perpetrator never did pay for the damage they caused. Your birdie is just beauteous!

  5. I'm so sorry about the car accident. However; happy no injuries.

    Love that little painting! xo

  6. Amy, I am so sorry! I am very happy no one was hurt! You are so right, everyone rushing around and not looking!!! Did you paint that cardinal?? She is beautiful! Big hugs and I hope the car gets fixed soon!!

  7. Glad you are okay ~ despite the fender bender.
    That little cardinal is fabulous !!

  8. Hi Amy, I am so glad you are safe. It is that time of year when accidents happen. Full blame goes to the weather, at least here it does. It seems that everyone is in a hurry going nowhere fast. I love your little cardinal, she is just beautiful. Awesome job.
    Thank you for sharing.

  9. Oh honey, I am so sorry, but thankful no one was hurt. Your cardinal is absolutely gorgeous. You are so amazing. I hope your holiday is a blessed one and your little love is doing well. Hugs, Mina


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