Saturday, September 6, 2014

New Paintings

More Art for The Red Dresser1
We'll all be working hard switching to our fall theme at the shop tomorrow.
Wasn't it just August ??
Hope you stop in to see all the new home decor and fun decorating items for Autumn.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Busy Time, New Art

So much going on these days !! How did we get to August already ?
I've been busy in the studio keeping up with great sales at The Red Dresser .
The new location has been awesome for all of us. We've seen our businesses thrive and double in no time.
If you are in Traverse City or coming to visit do stop in. It's the best shop in the area for the eclectic,new and always great prices.
Every space in the shop is filled with unique items by the many vendors who lease space there.
Located  at 1253 South Airport Rd. Traverse City Ph: 231-929-8150

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mixed Media & Collage

Just a few new pieces now at The Red Dresser in Traverse City.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Maybe Spring

It has certainly been a winter to remember.Not just here in Michigan but all across the country.
Mother Nature is refusing to make her departure giving us hope one day and freezing cold the next.
We don't always have a Spring up here,sometimes just drifting into summer.Buying our plants early to get the best, then bringing them in and out till mid June when hopefully the frost is over.
I do recall several years ago having my entire vegetable garden wiped out by a heavy frost in early July !
These days with just the two of us I keep my herb garden and some tomato's. plus I truly enjoy the weekly
trip to our amazing Farmer's Market. So colorful and so many delicious choices. I am looking forward to that the windows open , sounds of birds,sitting outside by the Koi pond and most of all feeling the warmth of the sun.

Best of all I am anxious to spend time with our beautiful Granddaughter Esme.A stroller will be next on my list.She is growing so fast. At almost 9 months she's scooting across the floor,trying to stand and showing her independent side.We all wish time would stand still for a bit at this age.
It is rare not to see smiles,giggles and baby kisses.Thinking we would never get to be Grandparents she has been a gift,a blessing and joy beyond words.

I wish everyone a happy Spring. Hoping it is warm or getting there where ever you live. Most of all
that you are blessed with happiness and sunshine in your heart.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

23 Days till Spring

This has been such a long winter and seems to have no end.
I keep hoping the 2 or 3 day breaks we've had will change the course of it all. So far no luck.
Snow can be beautiful but not when it's been on the ground for so long. I have not found anything good about the bitter cold either. I'm sure it's damaging roots of my garden plants and the ice on the Koi pond
is well beyond thick.
I try to see some beauty here and there but even that's getting a bit dull.
So I am ready for Spring,something green and that big bright ball of warmth in the sky. I think my body is as well.The iron in me has been depleted ,Anemia they say. So I will try to build that up,not working so far and may have to have an upper and lower GI. So yes it is time for some brighter and warmer days.
Lets all of us who have endured this long winter think positive. We need a break !

Monday, January 27, 2014

51 Days until Spring

This is definitely one of those winter's to remember !
I know it's not just Michigan but many other places as well are suffering through the brutal cold.
No school here again and that's a good thing. if I still had young children I wouldn't let them walk
or stand outside for a bus.
We haven't had many days that are over 10 degrees this month add the wind and we have 20 to 30
below wind chill. Our normal snowfall is around 90/95 in. and we already have 142.
We are finding it difficult to shovel the snow over the high banks plus few places left to put it.
Because of the cold not much works to melt the icy roads. The plows have a tough time keeping up with
the drifting yet continue to do the best they can.
Even our two Golden's shy away from the door at times looking at me as if to say they've decided it just not necessary at the moment.
Do I hate winter? No just the awful cold and the endless days of white before I get to see green again.It seems to last longer as I grow older.
It is home,it is warm inside and I will wait to see that bright green of spring as I do every year and I will wish as always winter didn't last so long.
Stay warm and safe where ever you are,only 51 days until Spring !

Monday, January 6, 2014

It is frigid here in Michigan with blowing and drifting snow.
I think if we survive this we can do anything !
Schools are closed due to the cold,our wind chills are 20 to 35 below zero with no relief until the weekend.
The snow is much easier to take then the bitter cold.

Wishing everyone safe travels,this deep freeze is all across the country.
Stay warm,think good thoughts for an early Spring this year.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas with love,peace and joy in the New Year.